Probably 3500

Haws from our hedges

Haws from our hedges

In truth we didn’t count. We’d ordered a lot of tree seeds online (we are still waiting for a few species to arrive), we’d collected a load of fruit from our hedges and my parents had sent a load of seeds in the post.

Package from Mum and Dad

Package from Mum and Dad, top going clockwise: Ash (Fraxinus excelsior), Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia), Spindle (Euonymus europaeus)

Earlier this month, with memories of conversations about how cold it was here last year still fresh in our ears, we decided that it was about time we stratified the nuts and seeds that need cold to break their dormancy. We cross referenced the brilliant BTCV guide with Martin Crawford’s excellent “Creating a Forest Garden” book and for the few remaining species that were not covered in either (or where advice was contradictory) we asked Google or managed our risk by splitting the seeds into two (and in once case three) so that we can plant the remaining seeds in 2012. The result by my reckoning is over 3500 tree seeds waiting for a suitably long cold spell to germinate in Spring 2012.

I wonder how many seeds will germinate. I hope a lot. I have everything crossed and have put a call out to the Freecycle community for pots, with any luck we will need thousands.

By the time we come to plant the trees, hopefully in late 2012/13, we should have decided on the best place to plant them. We are so fortunate here, our land ranges from cool river valley to wind swept hillside with everything from dry sun trapped slopes to soggy spring fed wetlands to fire our forest garden imagination. So much fun, can’t wait … just waiting for some snow now …

3 thoughts on “Probably 3500

  1. wow you have got a lot of tree planting ahead of you – sounds like you will have your very own forest in the future – well done you – too many trees have been sacrificed for our lust for commercialism – as for snow – well its been so warm here no chance of the white stuff – but if you get loads take some pics and show us why you left dreary old urbanism xx

  2. I need a “like” button. Thank you both for your comments 🙂 Will post more pictures on flickr soon. No I didn’t say what size pots – thought if I’m getting them for free I shouldn’t be too fussy. Hoping to make some compost in time for the great re-potting.

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