Pretty perfect polytunnel

It is almost a year to the day that we started on this polytunnel episode. I am so pleased with the result.

Meet our first indoor growing space:

Polytunnel with raised beds in early Spring (April) 2013

Polytunnel with raised beds in early Spring (April) 2013

We knew from the start that for this polytunnel – the closest to our home – we wanted to include raised beds. It’s a growing space for home grown veg and herbs (rather than trees) and for sitting in on rainy days. We’ve worked in spaces like this before and by just raising the growing space a little it makes it so much easier on the back and knees for sowing and harvesting. The beds are sized so that every bit can be reached from the aisles. The double depth middle bed is two arms lengths deep. It’s also double the height of the side beds.

Breakfast in the polytunnel

Breakfast in the polytunnel. Note the eggs from our chooks!

We had a plentiful supply of well rotted horse manure so these beds are extra fertile! I just can’t wait to get those heavy feeding veggies like squashes planted out (they are in the propagator at the moment).

Before we had finished all of the beds we gave it a trial run as a breakfast space. It’s so warm in there. The perfect start to the day.

You can’t see it in this picture, but in the middle bed we have dug down about 30cm below the soil level and added sticks and new manure as a kind of low hugelkultur (Sepp Holzer) to add long-term fertility to the bed. Then layered well rotted manure and soil on top. We didn’t build a full height hugelkultur because of the shadow it would create in this east-west aligned tunnel, especially in the winter months.

Polytunnel raised bed building team

Polytunnel raised bed building team: Me, Craig, Holly and Wilkie.

We’ve finished creating the raised beds!! Meet the raised bed building team. Thanks guys!

Let’s get growing.

5 thoughts on “Pretty perfect polytunnel

  1. We are spending a lot of time in our huge greenhouse too right now as warmest place to be – we have a peach and an apricot tree full of blossom and cucumber melon tomato pepper plants all waiting to go in – going to grow some chillies and aubergines too – hope your tunnel is a huge success – we are still eating seasonal home grown veg – nothing better x

  2. Hej you two,
    i just want to see how the weather is at tyhenfarm, here is´t snowing yesterday and we are looking forward to go on a ski-tour on week end hihihi.
    what a great feeling to see what a lot is going forward at your wonderful place, i took the hole afternoon to look after the last month on your blog, very good, this gives me some ideas for my little trees: one Pinus sylvestris Carinthia and one Pinus Douglas UK since nov.2012 and for feb.2013 little Cypress from Firenze and Picea pungens Carinthia are coming inside, so as the veggi plants too. for this i´m free from work i hope i can start at middle of april
    please send me you e-mail lost it anywhere in the net
    grüsse aus dem verschneiten Kärnten von dunja

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