Our tree Ent

Our tree Ent

Our tree Ent down by the river

(A few days later) We found another way down to the river, much easier than the first way. On the bank is this wonderfully shaggy tree. We immediately decided that this is our beautiful Ent (even though it is growing on the opposite side of the river and therefore not actually on our land). For the life of me I can’t think what kind of tree it is. We’ve been to visit on at least three separate occasions and never have I thought to look at the leaves. There are so many other things to observe. It is covered in moss, there are various types of ferns growing along the branches and lichens abound too. I have never seen a tree like it in the UK!

Looking at this photo again, I suspect it is a Sycamore. Remind me to check the next time we go to the river.

More photos of the Ent on Flickr

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