Old, Speckled, Hen and Morland

Chickens - Speckledy

Taking a good look around before venturing out

Meet our first full-time farm workers! The girls arrived on Monday morning and have settled in very nicely. We have temporarily fenced off a small area for them and made a nice cosy space for them to sleep in at night out of one of the smaller empty farm buildings. In return for bed and board we expect lots of grass clearing, soil scratching, fertiliser and eggs.

Chickens perching

Back row from left to right: Old, Hen, Speckled. Front row: Morland

Chris and Lisa at Pencwarre Farm call this type of chicken “Speckledy”. They are a cross between Rhode Island Reds and Marons, so should be really good layers. All of the poultry at their farm looked in really good condition. We just need to make up our minds about which type of hens to get next.

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