Where to start?

It’s difficult to know where to start with this blog/news section of the website as we’ve been on the land for just over three months and there is already so much to tell. Too much really for one news item, but start I must!

I think I will begin with a list of things that have already happened, then fill in the details with posts at a later date (when there are less newsworthy things to talk about). Tantalising cryptic glimpses into future content? Well perhaps, one can but hope 😉 So in almost chronological order:

  • Deciding on this land,
  • Unexpectedly off-grid,
  • Luckily wonderful communities,
  • Swallowy swifty, buzzardy kites,
  • River hunting,
  • Our tree Ent,
  • Cheeky Mr Fox,
  • Sky watching,
  • Wildflowers galore, bee spotting,
  • Making hay while the Sun … oh,
  • Acorn of Old Knobbley,
  • Stuck! Plant tree seeds,
  • RAD: RegenAg at Cowdray Hall,
  • It’s oh so quiet,
  • Off-grid living at St Dogs,

That will do for now. If you are desperate for the details on any particular event please let me know in the comments below! Until then please enjoy the rest of the site.

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