(volunteering at the Forest Garden)

Please ignore everything you read below the dotted line! We are not taking volunteers/wwoofers at the moment. Do check back though from time to time to see when we are.


Morag and Craig.


There is no doubt about it, setting up these Forest Garden intensive, integrated agricultural and horticultural polyculture systems is a lot of work. We need help! If you have time, a positive working attitude and are prepared to get stuck in then we’d love to hear from you.

In between planting trees, sowing seeds and sorting out the animals we are busy renovating the Wwoofer’s caravan ready for May 2012. It won’t have any electricity, water or washing facilities in the first instance but you can pop over to our caravan for a shower etc. It is comfortable, water-proof and private. We have yet to fit it out with a compost toilet, cold water tap and a fire pit – perhaps that is something you can help with?

The kind of work you could be doing

We are at the very early stages, so please don’t expect to strolling amongst the trees gleaning fruit and vegetables from the edges just yet! To keep costs down we are growing a lot of our plants from seed, so the kinds of things you could be involved in are (some seasonal and others can be done on a daily basis), but not limited to:

  • growing plants from seed (trees, shrubs, vegetables).
  • repairing the access track to the land.
  • processing wood for fuel and soil improvers.
  • hedge-laying.
  • making bird boxes, bee hives, cold frames etc.
  • helping with the animals.
  • replacing fences.
  • grafting fruit trees.

And that is just the start of the list, essentially there is a lot to do! If you have any particular skills or interests please let us know.

What you will get out of it

  • all meals (mainly vegetarian).
  • a private caravan.
  • lots of work experience.
  • views of possibly the most beautiful scenery in the UK.
  • wi-fi access (if you have a wi-fi enabled device).
  • peace and quiet in a wildlife haven.

We’d also like to give all Wwoofer’s the opportunity to plant a tree on the land, and hope that we will be able to send you progress reports on it’s growth.

What we expect from you

  • to fit in with what we are doing (but we don’t mind which days you work).
  • that you understand what wwoofing is!

Some other things you should know

  • along with the farm animals we have two very friendly pet cats.
  • we are about 5 miles from Newcastle Emlyn and 14 miles from Carmarthen.
  • If you don’t have transport, we are happy to collect you from the bus/train station when you arrive and drop you off at the end of your stay.
  • Local public transport is limited; a bus passes through the village once a week (Wednesdays), or you can pre-book the bwcabus. The nearest train station is Carmarthen.
  • Some ideas for your days off.

Days you can volunteer …

The days with the green coloured background indicate that we do not have any more room for volunteers, sorry.

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What to do next

If you are interested in wwoofing with us, please check the calendar above to see to find some days/weeks suitable then contact us, tell us a bit about yourself and what you hope to get out of your experience. We welcome enquiries from single wwoofers, friends or couples. The caravan takes a maximum of two people sleeping on a double bed. Sorry no pets or children.