Carbon farming

Sequestering carbon from the atmosphere using trees has long been thought of as a solution to reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but it can also be locked up in soil. Indeed, soil carbon has the added benefits of allowing the land to hold more water and increasing fertility.

Inspired by a RegenAg course taught by Darren Doherty at Cowdray Hall in October 2011, and with Craig’s experience on the dark side, we will conduct a number of experiments to find the quickest way of increasing the amount of carbon in our soil.

Once we have taken baseline levels in each plot we will conduct field trials to measure and compare the carbon and biodiversity increase using different farming methodologies. We will experiment with keyline ploughing, mob-grazing, bio-char, fungi, and various fast carbon root crops. We expect the research to take a number of years, if you are interesting in conducting similar experiments please contact us.