About us

Inspired by the effortless abundance in nature we believe that forest gardens are the best way to produce local wholesome food, timber products and a myriad of other natural non-wood items. Forest gardens, with careful design and management, also improve degraded soils and create wildlife havens, employment and beauty.

We will grow forest gardens of varying sizes and intensity of trees to demonstrate that any piece of land, from back yard to farm, can create abundance while also improving biodiversity, sequestering carbon in the soil and trees, and increasing fertility without the use of agrochemicals.

To us, Forest Gardens are intensive, integrated agricultural and horticultural polyculture systems that care for and rejuvenate the environment and people whilst still making a profit.

The Forest Garden is a 32 acre south(ish) facing site in south-west Wales. Craig and Morag Embleton purchased the land in the summer of 2011 and are working using Permaculture Design and Holistic Management principles to turn the rested (but previously over-grazed) fields in to a biodiverse paradise of organic no-till forest gardens.

Craig is a city boy who studied Biology specialising in Agriculture and ecology for his first degree. As a deeply indebted ex-student he took a job at a multinational agrochemical company conducting field trials of new chemicals. He refers to that period of his life as ‘the dark side’, and is now working hard to prove that organic farming systems of multiple crops can be more profitable than chemical based farming and of course it is better for people and the environment.

Morag grew up on a smallholding in the heart of Suffolk. Working as a designer of many things while living in cities and town, she has always been passionate about getting back to the land. She believes that it is essential that every industry works to repair the damage inflicted over generations and that a cradle to cradle approach to production is imperative for all species to survive.

Both Craig and Morag completed their Permaculture Design Certificates with Geoff and Nadia Lawton in 2009 near the famous “Greening the Desert” site in Jordan. They went on to study RegenAg (a fusion of broadscale Permaculture and Holistic Management) with Darren Doherty at Cowdray Hall (UK) in 2011.