Old, Speckled, Hen and Morland

Chickens - Speckledy

Taking a good look around before venturing out

Meet our first full-time farm workers! The girls arrived on Monday morning and have settled in very nicely. We have temporarily fenced off a small area for them and made a nice cosy space for them to sleep in at night out of one of the smaller empty farm buildings. In return for bed and board we expect lots of grass clearing, soil scratching, fertiliser and eggs.

Chickens perching

Back row from left to right: Old, Hen, Speckled. Front row: Morland

Chris and Lisa at Pencwarre Farm call this type of chicken “Speckledy”. They are a cross between Rhode Island Reds and Marons, so should be really good layers. All of the poultry at their farm looked in really good condition. We just need to make up our minds about which type of hens to get next.

Pimp our Wwoofer’s Caravan!

With so much to do here, it’s time we seriously started looking for help. Wwoofer’s are the obvious answer (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms). Everyone wins, we get brilliant and enthusiastic helpers in return for providing food and accommodation. We’ve already have five (five!) offers of wwoofing help, but it’s the accommodation bit that’s stumped us. Okay so people could camp in our garden, but it doesn’t seem right not to give someone a proper bed after a proper days work. Our home is really too small for sharing with near strangers for more than a night or so (and we don’t have a spare “proper bed”). Plus from my own experiences of wwoofing, sometimes you really just want your own space to chill in the evening.

Caravan Exterior

Looking good on the outside

There is an answer staring us in the face. There is an old caravan that is, well, not entirely rubbish just behind our shade-tunnel. On the plus-sides, it is standing, the floor is mostly sound and now that I have put some polythene over the missing window, almost water tight. On the down-sides it’s just a shell of a caravan with just a few broken cupboards inside, the interior paint is peeling off all over and there is a very damp corner that will need fixing.

But where will I find the time to design the space and fit it, what with all the seeds to sow, plants to plant, track to fix? What I really need is for someone to pimp our wwoofer’s caravan (I’m guessing if you haven’t seen tv programmes like Pimp my Ride, you might be a little confused right now, please read on).

Once I’d thought of it, it seemed like a brilliant idea (of course I could be totally wrong), so I’m going to throw it out there to see what happens.

Caravan interior

Inside, not so good

Perhaps you are a permaculture design student looking for a non-land based project, perhaps you are a wwoofer who wants to make the dream of that perfect wwoofing space a reality, perhaps you are into Tiny Houses and are looking for a project for your portfolio.
Caravan interior - cupboards

some storage

Caravan interior (no) seating

but nowhere to sit!

What could you do with say £250 to turn an old caravan shell into an amazing space that will leave our wwoofers refreshed after a days work and coming back for more?

If this sounds like something that you might be interested in, either on the design side or actually fitting the caravan out, please contact us. We’d love to hear your ideas about what a wwoofer’s space would need/look like. You’ll have to be fast though, with the weather really heading toward Spring, we’d like to have the caravan sorted before the end of May (2012).